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I'm Maria, owner of Italian Skincare Facials & Body Treatments. As a certified/licensed esthetician, I enjoy working with clients to personalize their treatment and skincare regimen. I combine Italian techniques and American expertise with the use of natural European products.  

Every service starts with an analysis of your skin and consultation. My goal is for you to experience beautiful, healthy skin. 

Meet Maria

 Maria Gagliardo is a professionally trained and certified esthetician specializing in facials and body treatments. 

Born and raised in Italy, today Maria has dual citizenship and lives in the United States. She gained training and experience both in Italy and the U.S. Her unique knowledge and expertise gives clients a one-of-a-kind spa experience unlike any other.

Her interest in skincare began in high school when Maria worked for her uncle who was a dermatologist in Palermo, Sicily. She became a certified, licensed esthetician in Italy in 1993 and three years later became owner/manager of a beauty and massage center in Palermo and at the same time was teaching traditional classic massage (Swedish method) at the School of Professional Training for Aestheticians.

In 1999, she moved to Rome as a self-employed freelance esthetician. 

In 2002, she opened Studio Spa Skincare, a beauty and massage Studio Spa that she still owns today. 

In 2017, she and her husband Stefano moved to the Boston, Massachusetts area, and Maria became an American esthetician studying at the " Esthetic School Academy of New England , and after that she took her license to the State Board of Cosmetology in Boston, Massachusetts.  Immediately she went to work as a skincare technical manager and esthetician for Planet Color Salon  opening a Studio Spa named " Estetica Italiana" for the Salon.

In 2018, Stefano’s job brought them to Wake Forest,NC, and Maria opened her second new Studio Spa in USA named "Italian Skincare". 

In 2020 always for her husband's working reasons she had to move in Orlando ,Florida. All the Studio Spa she opened in Italy and in USA till now, are still open runnig by amazing estheticians that she trained and worked with her.

 She is  Fluent in Italian, English,and learning Spanish. Maria is a certified and licensed esthetician in Italy and USA (Massachusetts, North Carolina and Florida States).

Maria and Stefano are residents in Orlando Florida now , with their two rescue dogs Nica and Sophie, also born in Italy.

From December 2020 they will be back to Italy in Rome.

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